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Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009

In The News

Many of the Nation's Green Leaders Hail From Bay Area

Chris Somerville

[San Francisco Chronicle] President Obama has promised sweeping changes in an effort to reverse the damage of climate change, retool the U.S. economy and wean the nation from foreign fossil fuels. The Bay Area likely will figure prominently in the president's move to harness wind power, cap carbon dioxide emissions and understand the economic and ecological impacts of climate change on our society. These 10 people (including Berkeley Lab physical bioscientist Chris Somerville) are among the brightest lights in their respective fields. More>

Special Event: Earth Sciences ‘Distinguished’ Lecture on Microbial Diversity This Friday

microbesThe Lab’s Earth Sciences Division continues its Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series with a talk by Martin Polz on Friday at 10:30 a.m. in the Building 66 Auditorium. Polz — of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — will discuss “Microbial Diversity in the Wild: Genomes, Populations, and Species.” The next lecture will feature University of Iowa professor Jerald Schnoor and takes place on March 6. More>

nanowiresIn The News: Nanosensors Made Easy

[Technology Review] Treated nanowires could serve as very sensitive toxin or pathogen detectors, but they have been difficult to mass-produce, mainly because there is no quick and easy way to place the tiny wires at precise locations on a surface. Now researchers at Penn State have come up with a way to guide single nanowires into place on a silicon chip using an electric field. "Assembling single wires has been very tricky," says Berkeley Lab materials scientist Ali Javey. "This is probably the best result I've seen in terms of assembling individual wires at discrete locations." More>

lockVideo: EETD Lecture on ‘Negawatt’ Buildings Now Available Online

A lecture by Lee Eng Lock of Trane Singapore on Jan. 20, sponsored the Environmental Energy Technologies Division’s Distinguished Lecture series, is now available on the Lab’s YouTube site. Lock discusses the acceleration of the spread of energy-efficient building design in his lecture on “Negawatts for Buildings: Observations From the Past 25 Years.”

stop sign
New Stop Sign to be Installed Near Bevatron Circle

To improve safety for both cars and pedestrians in the area, a stop sign will be erected near the Bevatron Circle, just west of Building 51, in the coming days. This will affect westbound traffic on Alvarez Roads, traveling from Buildings 55, 64 and 90 towards Blackberry Gate. This is the first new stop sign to be installed since the mid 1990s.

EH&S: New E-mail Notifications for Work Leads Start This Month

A new e-mail notification will be sent out to work leads with staff who have not completed all their required EH&S training. The e-mail notification will go out once a month on the first of every month. The notification will stop when their staff completes their training requirements. The e-mail notification went into effect on Feb. 1.