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Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009

2009 Lab Holiday Shutdown Cost Savings and Work Approvals

The Laboratory ‘Holiday Shutdown’ will begin 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 23. The facility is planned to restart early Monday, Jan. 4. The shutdown offers an opportunity for significant energy cost savings. These savings are realized by shutting down equipment and utilities. Minimum work forces will continue the following functions during the shutdown:

· Plant Operations & Maintenance - Plant Maintenance Technicians
· Safety - Fire Department, Environmental Protection, Radiation Assessment
· Animal Care — Animal Colony Support Staff
· Receiving — Material Operations open Dec. 29 to 30 only
· U.S. Mail — Open Dec. 28 to 30, resuming Jan. 4
· Hydrogen Safety — Mechanical Engineering and Technical Support
· Custodial Services — Pre-request through Building Managers for submission by Friday, Dec. 4
· Cafeteria — see TABL for Holiday Schedule
· IT — Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure (network monitoring)

Special programmatic needs may require additional employees to work during the shutdown. All employees who must work during the shutdown must have advance approval by the Division Director cognizant. In addition, employees who must work with unsealed radioactive materials must have the intended work reviewed and approved by the Environmental Health & Safety Department one week before the shutdown period.

Alternative utility and/or equipment services may be required. Requests for service should be routed through the appropriate building manager and forwarded to the Facilities Division by Friday, Dec. 4.

Last year, the Lab spent about $23,500 per day for electric power before the Holiday closure, and the daily cost was reduced to about $4,750 per day during the closure period. This represents about a $57,000 savings during the shutdown.

Those who work during the shutdown can save energy by setting back thermostats in their own space, shutting off nonessential lights and equipment, using smaller portable heaters and work station lighting while working inside, and keeping outside windows and doors closed.

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