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Monday, August 17, 2009

Year of Science

August Celebrates Weather and Climate

The 2009 Year of Science is a 12-month celebration of how science works and why science matters, sponsored by the COPUS network. Each month focuses on a different scientific topic, and August highlights climate and weather. Go here to read a story on the Lab's contributions to this field of inquiry, specifically forecast modeling using our state-of-the-art computing power.

Payroll: Revised Paycheck Stub Will Add Key Information

paystubIn the coming month you will see a new look to your paycheck stub. The Payroll Department is implementing a new pay advice statement that will include additional helpful information such as your monthly/hourly pay rate, job classification, and division. The current financial information, which can be difficult to interpret, will have a format that is much easier to read and understand. Go here to view the new format.

nanoparticlesLecture: Nanoparticles, Air Quality Topic of Women Scientists Luncheon Today

The next Women Scientists' Council Luncheon Seminar is scheduled for today in Perseverance Hall from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will feature Melissa Lunden, staff scientist in the Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division. Lunden will discuss "Atmospheric Aerosols: Inconspicuous Airborne Nano-Sized Particles that Significantly Influence Air Quality, Climate, and Human Health".

DOE Update: New 'Deep Web' Technology Searches Below Surface to Aid Science Research

ice bergPopular search engines, like Google and Yahoo, crawl across Internet pages on the surface, but are unable to dig into databases to retrieve information from the deep web. In effect, the deep web, which accounts for 99 percent of all scientific research and development results, is cut off from common Internet searches. Deep Web Technologies moves beyond other federated search engines by adding the benefit of relevance ranking. The technology is now available in over 20 portals, most notably the search engines,,,, Mednar, and Biznar. More>

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