Research Review SUMMER 1999
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C O V E R   S T O R Y:
The World Below
Using sophisticated tools of the modern explorer, Earth scientists are studying the structures, movements and mysteries of the world below us.
Isotopes: Stopwatches for Geology
From Hawaiian volcanoes to the faultlines of California, the science of isotope geochemistry is helping researchers decipher Earth's most elemental processes.
Life Beneath the Surface
Scientists uncover the endless diversity and sheer tenacity of organisms thriving in regions below.
Energy From Within
The hunt is on for new ways to tap the Earth's hidden reserves of energy.
Physics Under Rock and Ice
Researchers search for clues about the elusive neutrino under a couple of kilometers of solid Canadian granite and Antarctic ice.
Out of Sight
Seeking ways to store the by-products of civilization's ceaseless consumption of energy.
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