B E R K E L E Y   L A B

H I G H L I G H T S   1 9 9 7 - 1 9 9 8

he search for answers to nature's most fundamental questions is a fascinating journey, taking us to worlds as distant as the furthest supernova and as intimate as the human body's tiniest biological structures. The tools of discovery are intricate and immense - telescopes that scan the cosmos, microscopes that probe mysteries of the atomic world, and accelerators that enable the study of particles on a sub-atomic scale.

Berkeley Lab embarks on these quests as one of a network of science facilities funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Among DOE's many missions is to build the foundations for America's future through strategic energy research - exploring the complexity of energy and matter, advancing the science for abundant clean energy, understanding energy impacts on our living planet, and providing extraordinary tools for multidisciplinary research. From these explorations will flow new materials, new processes, and new understandings that promise to make tomorrow better than today for all of us.

In this brief compendium of our Laboratory's scientific highlights, we showcase the breadth and depth of research that addresses the technological needs of our nation. These noteworthy accomplishments, and others emerging from the federal scientific enterprise, are the building blocks upon which America will enrich the quality of our lives into the new millenium. Berkeley Lab is proud to be a leader in this effort.

Charles V. Shank, Director

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