January 14, 1994 edition of LBL Currents

Heinemann, Rosenfeld win two of DOE's top awards

By Lynn Yarris, [email protected]

Two out of the three annual Energy and Science Technology Awards 
presented by the U.S. Department of Energy went this year to LBL 
Heinz Heinemann, a chemist in the Materials Sciences Division, won the 
Homer H. Lowry Award in Fossil Energy, and Art Rosenfeld, a physicist in 
the Energy and Environment Division and head of LBL's Center for Building 
Science, won the Sadi Carnot Award in Energy Conservation. The third 
prize, the John Ericsson Award in Renewable Energy, went to Utah 
University's Sambunath Ghosh.	
Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary will present the winners with their awards 
at a ceremony on Friday, Jan. 21,  1994 at DOE headquarters in 
Washington, D.C. The honorees will each receive a gold medal, a citation, 
and $10,000.	
All three awards were established by DOE in 1987 to recognize the 
contributions of scientists in areas of research that are considered 
vital to the economic future of our nation. This is the fourth time that 
the awards have been given.	
The Homer H. Lowry Award was named for a scientist who, from the 1920s 
through the 1960s, investigated the chemistry of coal and other 
carbonaceous materials. He authored a book that became the standard 
international reference for coal science. 
This year's winner, Heinemann, has been a senior scientist at LBL since 
1978. His accomplishments have included research into coal gasification, 
catalytic coal liquefaction, hydrodenitrification, nitrogen oxide 
emission control, and, most recently, the identification of a catalyst 
that converts methane into valuable hydrocarbons without the production 
of unwanted carbon dioxide. 	
Prior to coming to LBL, Heinemann, who recently celebrated his 80th 
birthday, worked at the Mobil Research and Development Corporation. 
There, among many other notable accomplishments, he developed a process 
for converting methanol to gasoline. Born in Berlin, Germany, he earned a 
Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Basel in Switzerland and came 
to the U.S. in 1938. He became a citizen in 1944. 
During his 60 years in research, Heinemann has contributed to the 
invention and development of 14 commercial fossil fuel processes, holds 
75 patents, and has authored some 100 publications. He is a member of the 
National Academy of Engineers, was the founder and editor of Catalysis 
Reviews, and was a recipient of a DOE Distinguished Scientist/Engineer 
The Sadi Carnot Award is named for the 19th century French scientist who 
founded the science of thermodynamics and who was the first to study and 
maximize steam engine efficiency. In 1988, the first Carnot Award went to 
Sam Berman, who heads E&E's lighting program. This year's winner, 
Rosenfeld, has had an illustrious career spanning five decades and two 
disciplinesparticle physics and energy efficiency.	
After receiving his Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley in 1954, Rosenfeld 
joined the University's Physics Department and LBL's Physics Division in 
1955. During the next 20 years, as a member of Luis Alvarez's group, he 
worked on some of high-energy physics' most important experiments. He 
also was instrumental in the development of the Particle Data Tables.
Sparked by the 1973 oil embargo by OPEC, Rosenfeld switched fields and 
embarked on a second career that has resulted in major contributions 
toward the development of energy efficient technologies for buildings. 
Numbered among his many successes are the DOE-2 whole building simulation 
program, which is the international benchmark against which other 
simulation codes are measured; the concepts of "least cost energy 
services" and "conservation supply curves," which have been widely 
adopted as the framework for technology comparisons and decision-making. 

One of Rosenfeld's proudest accomplishments is his start-up of a cool 
surfaces and heat islands research project aimed at reducing the 
turn-of-the-century temperatures of major U.S. cities to 1990 levels. 
This, Rosenfeld says, could save about 10 gigawatts of power and about $1 
billion a year. The project has been adopted by the Clinton 
Administration as a major part of its plan to reduce carbon dioxide 
emissions in America and is now called "Cool Communities." (The principle 
investigator for the project here at LBL now is E&E's Hashem Akbari.)
Working through Pacific Gas and Electric's "Act 2" program, Rosenfeld 
also helped launch the California Collaborative Process, which is 
designed to test advanced efficiency investments. From the first retrofit 
to come out of this program, a 50-percent savings has been achieved at 
PG&E's research and development office building. He has also worked with 
other LBL researchers to demonstrate efficient lighting, windows, and 
air-conditioning in developing countries.
In 1986, Rosenfeld received the Leo Szilard Award for physics in the 
public interest presented by the American Physical Society. He has 
collaborated on several books and is the author of more than 320 
published papers and review articles on particle physics, uses of 
computers, data processing, arms control, and energy utilization. 

Business Services responsibilities redistributed

Dave Nielsen, LBL's Business Services manager since 1975, retired in 
December after 33 years of service to the Laboratory. Since his 
departure, the responsibilities have been redistributed.
Laboratory Security, Parking and Traffic Coordination, Employee 
Transportation Coordination, and Shuttle Bus Services are now under the 
direction of Fred Lothrop, manager of the Reception Center. Laboratory 
Security management functions have been relocated to the Reception Center 
at Bldg. 65. 
Dave Shepherd, head of Contract Management, now oversees Risk Management, 
Cafeteria Services, Workers Compensation Administration, and 
miscellaneous Business Services activities. Motor Pool and Vehicle Fleet 
Management operations are now under the administration of Dave Saucer and 
Material Operations. Carl Eben, Head of Information Systems and Services, 
has been assigned the oversight of Archives and Records. These duty 
changes involve only oversight. No other personnel or office location 
changes have occurred.
Stephanie Petersen, head of Internal Audit, has been assigned the duties 
of Audit Liaison. These activities will now be conducted in Bldg. 936.
For additional information about these changes, please consult the 
Administration Division Memo, dated January 3, on "Reassignment of 
Business Services Functions."

News from the Hall of Science

A new exhibition entitled "Giants from the Past: Dinosaurs to Mammoths," 
takes up residence at the Lawrence Hall of Science on Jan. 29, and runs 
through May 30. Spanning millions of years, the spectacle of giant 
robotic creatures that move, look, and sound like the real thing 
showcases everything from the fiercest dinosaur to the largest mammal to 
walk the earth.
In addition to giant-sized models, the exhibition features a number of 
hands-on activities for children of all ages. A unique computer-operated 
three-dimensional Plate Tectonics map illustrates the changing land forms 
on earth, from prehistoric times to the present.
For more information, call 642-5132.

Winter schedule

 The Hall has announced its winter schedule of after-school science and 
math classes for children 2-18. More than 25 classes, including such 
favorites as Lego Logo, Seismology for Teens and Math for Girls are on 
tap. The classes begin Monday, Jan. 24, and run for eight weeks, 
emphasize hands-on experiences combined with the learning of valuable 
concepts and skills. 
For a catalog of classes or registration information, call 642-5134. n

N e w s W i r e

Antoni Oppenheim, an engineer in LBL's Energy and Environment Division 
and professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, has been awarded a DOE-sponsored 
patent for development of a "jet plume injection system" for internal 
combustion engines. This system is an alternative to the spark plugs now 
used in automobile engines and would eliminate the need to boost gasoline 
octane ratings. If octane ratings could be reduced from their current 90 
plus levels to 70 (gasoline's natural rating), an estimated $2 billion in 
annual costs passed on to U.S. consumers would be saved. Oppenheim 
received the patent along with co-developers James Maxson and David 
Hensinger, both at UCB. Oppenheim is a pioneer in the study of the 
dynamic effects of flames and a long-time advocate of controlling 
combustion to reduce pollution from auto engines. The patent comes on the 
heels of a conference organized by Oppenheim and Maxson, involving 
researchers and representatives from private industry, to discuss 
scientific countermeasures against pollutant emissions from internal 
combustion engines.
Eicke R. Weber, of LBL's Materials Sciences Division and UC Berkeley's 
Department of Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, has received a 
Senior U.S. Scientist Award from the Humboldt Foundation in Germany. As 
part of the award, he will spend six months at the Max-Planck Institute 
for Microstructure Physics in Halle, a city in the former East Germany.
Jun-Fei Zheng, a graduate student of Eicke R. Weber, and Amy Moll, a 
graduate student of Eugene Haller, both of LBL's Materials Sciences 
Division, have received graduate student awards from the Materials 
Research Society. Zheng received his award for his paper on "Atomic Scale 
Interface Structure of InGaAs/GaAs Strained Layers Studied by 
Cross-Sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy." Moll received her award 
for her paper on "The Effects of Amorphous Layer Regrowth on Acceptor 
Activation in III-V Semiconductors." The awards were presented at the 
Fall 1993 MRS Meeting, held in Boston on December 1.
John E. Hearst, of LBL's Structural Biology Division and UC Berkeley's 
Department of Chemistry, has received the 1994 American Society for 
Photobiology Research Award in Photobiology. The award will be presented 
at the annual meeting of the ASP, to be held June 25-29 in Scottsdale, 
Kathleen Handron, LBL's Employee Assistance Coordinator, has received a 
Certificate of Special Recognition from the Employee Assistance 
Professionals Association for "Demonstrating extraordinary leadership in 
furtherance of the employee assistance profession."
The Dec.18 and 25 editions of Science News cite a research report, from a 
group led by Diane L. Tribble of LBL's Life Sciences Division, that 
appeared in the December American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  
Tribble's studies suggest that regular passive exposure to tobacco smoke 
decreases the body's stores of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), an important 

1993 W-2 forms on their way

Your 1993 W-2 form should be mailed to your home address by Jan. 31. If 
you have moved in the past year and have not yet notified your division 
office of the change, please do so immediately. If you do not receive the 
form by Feb. 4, please contact the Payroll Department.

Science for Support Staff

Robert O. Ritchie of the Materials Sciences Division will give a talk on 
"Fatigue of Ceramics and Problems with Heart Valves" at 11 a.m. on 
Wednesday, Jan. 19, in the Bldg. 66 auditorium. This is part of a series 
of lectures sponsored by the Materials Sciences Division that are 
intended for the nonscientific audience. All Lab employees are invited to 

Rainfall at LBL

Tom Glimme of EH&S's Environmental Monitoring Unit reports that the 
year-to-date amount measured in the rain gauge atop Bldg. 75 as of 
midnight, Tuesday, Jan. 11, was 7.9 inches. The only rainfall recorded in 
the past week was 0.06 inches on Saturday, Jan. 8. The current rainy 
season officially began on July 1, 1993. In addition to measuring 
rainfall, the EMU regularly takes some 200 air and water samples around 
the Hill.

To all drivers of Lab vehicles:

The fuel pumps at Bldg. 76 (Motor Pool) are now attached to an automated 
dispensing system. Each vehicle will be issued a card-key, which must be 
inserted into the terminal next to the pump island in order to activate 
the pumps.
Please continue to record the amount of fuel you pump on the clipboards 
at the fuel island. For more information, call X5475 or stop by the Motor 
Pool office.

It's time to send in your R&D-100 entries

Celebrating its 32nd year of international competition, the R&D 100 
Awards program is once again inviting you to submit your new products to 
be judged as one of the 100 most technically significant commercial 
achievements of the past year. Deadline for entry is March 1, 1994. Early 
bird entries, submitted by February 1, will have an opportunity for 
revision and resubmission.  
The R&D 100 Awards competition recognizes innovators and their 
organizations while identifying important technological advances of a 
practical nature. Products, materials, processes, and software are 
eligible. There is no limit to the number of products that may be 
entered, but there is a $150 fee for each entry.
This competition has proven to be a valuable promotional mechanism for 
LBL and for the Department of Energy, which, through its national labs, 
wins an average of one-third of the awards each year. These prestigious 
awards traditionally arouse great interest throughout the industrial R&D 
community, generating many requests for further information about LBL 
award winners via reader-response cards published in the magazine.
According to eligibility rules: "Any new technical product that was first 
available for
for purchase between Jan. 1, 1993, and Dec. 31, 1993, may be entered. 
Products that will not be mass-produced must have become available for 
contract or licensing during that period, or, in special instances, 
completed and delivered by a government agency or laboratory during that 
The 100 winning products will be selected by the R&D Judging Panel on the 
basis of importance, uniqueness, and usefulness from a technical 
standpoint. The panel consists of the magazine's editors and a group of 
technical experts.
The winners will be honored at an Awards Banquet at Chicago's Museum of 
Science & Industry and a complete report describing the winning products 
will be published in the September 1994 issue of R&D Magazine. 
LBL researchers have entered the competition for the past 10 years, 
winning or sharing 24 awards. Last year's winners from LBL included a 
long-trace profiler, which detects tiny deviations on the surfaces of the 
mirrors used in high-intensity physics instruments;an 
alkaline-fluoride-carbonate electrolyte for zinc/nickel oxide batteries; 
a DC broad-beam, high-current metal ion source; and a raster scanner beam 
delivery system.
For guidance on possible entries, and for entry forms if your division 
office does not have them, contact David Gilbert at X6096 or via e-mail 
(degilbert @lbl.gov). 

C a l e n d a r

17 m o n d a y	

18 t u e s d a y
9-11 a.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; New Employee Orientation (EHS-10)
4 p.m., Bldg. 50A-5132; D. Harris, Univ. of Chicago, "Searching for 
CP-Violation in the Decays KL  l+l," Refreshments 3:40 p.m.

19 w e d n e s d a y
8:30 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 50A-5132; EH&S Roles and Responsibilities for 
Supervisors (EHS-25) (continued from
1/12); pre-registration required, X6612
11 a.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; R. Ritchie, LBL, "Fatigue of Ceramics and 
Problems with Heart Valves"
4:30 p.m., 1 Le Conte; S. Harris, Stanford Univ., "Electromagnetically 
Induced Transparency, " Refreshments, 4 p.m., 375 Le Conte

20 t h u r s d a y
8:30 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 71-280; Radiation Protection: Radionuclides 
(concludes on 1/21) (EHS-430); pre-registration required, X6612
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Bldg. 66-316; First Aid (EHS-116); pre-registration 
required, X6554
9:30-11:45 a.m., Bldg. 90-2063; Laser Safety (EHS-280); pre-registration 
required, X6612
1:30 p.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; E. Garfunkel, Rutgers Univ., "Ion Scattering 
and Scanning Probe Studies of Oxidation Processes and Metals on Oxides"
2:30-6:30 p.m., Bldg. 70A-3377; Crane/Hoist Operator Training (Level 1) 
(EHS-211); pre-registration required, X6612
3 p.m., Bldg. 66-316; K. Zamaraev, Boreskov Inst. of Catalysis, 
Novosibirsk, "New Possibilities for NMR in Mechanistic Studies of 
4 p.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; R. Sager, Dana Farber Cancer Inst., "Maspin, a 
Novel Serpin with Tumor Suppressor Activity"
4 p.m., Bldg. 50A-5132; C. Harris, LBL, "What's New and Exciting in 
Chemical Sciences at LBL," Refreshments 3:45 p.m.

21  f r i d a y
8:30 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 71-280; Radiation Protection: Radionuclides 
(continued from 1/20) (EHS-430); pre-registration required, X6612
3 p.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; M. Asscher, Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem, "Diffusion of 
Ammonia on Re(0001)"


Cheese omelet
Corn chowder
Veal or eggplant parmesan
Hot links w/chili & cheddar
Ginger chicken stir-fry
Biscuit w/sausage gravy
Beef vegetable
Roast turkey
Avocado burger
Blueberry pancakes
New England clam chowder
Curried Indian pork
Marinated chicken breast
Mediterranean ham pasta
Ham scramble
Vegetarian vegetable
BLackened red snapper
Tuna melt


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112K mi., $5K/offer. Charley Matuk, X4658, 283-6111
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'73 VW Super Beetle, gd cond., recent smog, runs great, $1350/b.o., 
'76 FORD Ranchero, 88K mi., 351 V-8, a/t, runs great, very dependable, gd 
cond., $2500. David A. Piepho, X7685,
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some brake work, camper shell incl., space parts incl. new brake pads & 
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factory warranty by May, $5500. Eiji Hara, X4417, X4368
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100K mi. extended warranty, exc. cond., orig. owner, $14K/b.o. 526-4635
'92 MAZDA, 20K mi., "B" package, 2 a/c, $17K/b.o. Ed Rosenthal, X6190,
'92 TOYOTA Corolla, 16K mi., 5-spd, 4-dr, am/fm/cass, like new, leaving 
USA, $7500. Ariel X6942, 841-4328(eve.)
eye-level rear safety brake lights (2), new, in orig. packages, never 
used, can be installed inside rear window on all USA & import cars, 
except convertibles, fits all rear window angles, $8 ea./b.o. 642-2156,
LUMBER RACK, fits Toyota long-bed pickup or equivalent, $125/b.o. Gale 
Moline, X4826, 372-0933(eve.)
TIRE CHAINS, brand new, never used, cable type, Acco model 1018, will fit 
tire sizes: 5.60-13 & -14, 6.00-13 & -14, 6.45-13, AR70- & AR78-13, 
BR78-13, 165R13, 175/70R13, P165-80R13 & -14, P175/70R13, P175/75R13, 
155R14, P165-75R14, P165/70R365, $20/b.o. 642-2156, 527-2937(eve.)
CARPOOL, rider wanted, between Rohnert Park & LBL, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. work 
hours, $5/day or $20/wk requested for gas, etc. Shirley, X4521
calendars, old, nature or wildlife, for decoration of our grad student 
ofc. Send to Anushka Drescher, 90-3058 or drop off at 90-3129
garage space, 10' x 20', to house restored car. Susan, X4202
HOUSE-SITTING, short/long term, no pets, refs. avail. 784-1257
RADIO, small, w/gd reception. Anushka, X7867
SKI LIFT DISCOUNT VOUCHERS for Alpine Meadows. Mary, X5771
TICKETS (2) to World Cup Soccer Games in Palo Alto June & July; also 
seeking persons to participate in 10 ticket min. for group discount. 
Marlene, X6120
Aerobic Stepper, electronic, w/9 functions, like new, $100/b.o.;  bike 
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boots, Asolo Extreme Plus telemark , sz. 8-1/2, exc. cond., used for 1 
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zoom, time/date, editing/dubbing, carrying case, $150. Scott, X4103
ALBANY, 2-bdrm, 1-bth apt, exc. loc., nr trans. & shopping ctr., $760/mo. 
incl. water & garbage. 525-7329
BERKELEY, 2-bdrm apt in duplex, carpet, nr BART & shopping, gas stove, 
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water & garbage, $1800 dep. Volker, X6460,
BERKELEY, one-bdrm unit, hardwd flrs, sunny kitchen, 15 min. walk from 
UCB/LBL shuttle in gourmet ghetto, nr BART, $525/mo.  540-0385
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no pets, no smokers, $450/mo. + incl. utils. Diane, 232-7612
WANTED: A young Brazilian energy policy analyst & wife seek a 
studio/1-bdrm apt within walking distance of LBL shuttle, from Feb. 1 to 
March 7. Nathan Martin, X5137, 848-9222 (eve.)
Wanted: House for visiting professor, wife & child, prefer nr Lab., No. 
Berkeley/Kensington, March-July. Luanne, X5853
wanteD: Rm in house/apt for visiting scientist for 3 nights/week, for 6 
mos to 1 yr., nr UCB/LBL. Marcos, X6772, 643-9171(msg.)
WANTED: Furn. 2-3 bdrm house/apt for visiting prof. & family, for 3 mos 
April thru June. Ian Brown, X4174
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